Location: Griffith Park - Los Angeles, CA.

    Settings: F7.1, ISO 100, 113 second exposure.

    This is one of those places that probably won’t exist forever, and several parts of it are now fenced off since the last time I was there only months ago.. It’s a bit of a liability for the city I suppose, former animal cages rusting on a park hillside where teenagers climb, graff, and do drugs. Glad to get some shots in while I can, it’s a weird piece of LA history. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  2. True Story.


    Space is the place.


  3. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Creepers

    Location: Griffith Park - Los Angeles, CA.

    Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 298 second exposure.

    This image has a funny story to go along with it.. I was out shooting alone at the Old LA Zoo last night, which is a creepy place to begin with. The first spot I went to was the old monkey jail, where I saw a few people out on night hikes while I shot. Then came along a guy in a white shirt.. I heard his footsteps first, so I turned around and said ‘hello’, he said ‘hi’ and walked by. Later I walked to this spot and began shooting again, when two people walked by I said ‘hello’, they said ‘hi’.. Then proceeded to ask if I saw a guy in a white shirt walk by. I said ‘maybe, why?’ Then they told me that he was a creeper and he was following them. They ran away but they weren’t sure if they evaded him or not.. But if I was shooting here and he wasn’t creeping already, then I was probably fine. I told them I was going to keep shooting here whether or not a creeper was present. I think they were just spooked. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  4. dangerbrand:

    Super Danger Bros. 


  5. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Blastoff

    Location: El Matador Beach - Malibu, CA.

    Settings: F3.5, ISO 3200, 15 second exposure.

    I think if the Milky Way was this visible, more regular people would be out at night. Until the atmosphere thins and all light pollution is finished off by some earthquake, I’ll be out here shooting 15 second exposures trying to capture the stars as I see them. Most don’t have the motivation to go for an hour drive just to hike around in the dark and shoot at the sky, I’m glad we do. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  6. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Plateosaurus

    Location: El Matador Beach - Malibu, CA.

    Settings: (Composite) Light painting at F7.1, ISO 100, 190 second exposure, Milky Way at F3.5, ISO 3200, 15 second exposure.

    Something about jagged rocks jutting out of the coastline speaks to a more primal Earth for me. The Milky Way is like icing on the cake. I went with the bi-pedal herbivore ‘Plateosaurus’ this time around based on a recommendation from @ClairePdF on Twitter. *Click image for printing options. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  7. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Lake Like Love

    Location: Convict Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA.

    I chose to post this image because it’s calming and peaceful to me. The clear water and soft ripples make me think of swishing water, a gentle breeze and leaves rustling on a warm day. Wishing you a good weekend, wherever you may be. *Click image for printing options. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  8. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Agilisaurus

    Location: Malibu, CA.

    Settings: F7.1, ISO 100, 166 second exposure.

    This was a small and quick herbivore from the mid Jurassic period.. I don’t know if it could have climbed the ladder to reach this point by itself, but it looks like it’s enjoying the view here. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  9. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: By Moonlight

    Location: Malibu, CA.

    Settings: F3.5, ISO 1600, 10 second exposure.

    Quite a nice view up here, it’s too bad a mob of teenagers are about to spoil it with their shitty iphone music about rappers that ‘want to be rich and not famous’. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  10. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Visitors

    Location: Malibu, CA. Settings: F9, ISO 100, 316 second exposure.

    Joint collab with my girlfriend on this one. We climbed an old radio tower with the help of some high-school kids’ rope. There are two ten foot walls to scale before reaching the Cold War era tower, so it was nice of them to drop us a line.. The way back was not as easy, as they had left with their rope while we practiced our light-painting antics. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  11. dangerbrand:

    ~Trippy Tuesday~

    You can find this “Melting Mylo” print on our online shop here: http://bit.ly/1l0rpjm


  12. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Cool Cat

    Location: Hawthorne, CA.

    Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 79 second exposure.

    Feral cats ran around this abandoned structure, I was a bit surprised we didn’t discover hundreds more inside the building. It’s a weird feeling to be inside somewhere so popular in recent history and now completely abandoned. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  13. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Stone Face

    Location: Joshua Tree, CA. Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 170 second exposure.

    After shooting the Arch Rock in Joshua Tree with Moonscribe and my girlfriend Jordan, it was a bit after midnight. We tried to find the ‘Lone Juniper and Balanced Rock’ for another quick shoot before Jordan and I headed back to LA, but had no luck. We had a vague idea of where it was, but had never been there to recognize the area in the dead of night! As a plan B, we ended up at Skull Rock and decided this profile looking face seemed like a better location than the Skull rock, which was missing a jaw anyways. Here my skeleton sits, stone-faced. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  14. Cat and Sparrow


  15. DAILY LIGHT LEAK : Clayton Bixby

    Location: Big Sur, CA.

    Settings: 7 vertical images at F2.8, ISO 3200, 15 second exposures each.

    In photography, it’s all about perspective, and that’s why I like this photo. It takes something as large as Bixby Bridge in Big Sur - an architectural feat in itself, and pits it right against the architecture of the Universe. To think that we are looking out from just one spiral arm of a seemingly infintely larger galaxy within other infintely larger galaxies is a totally mind-melting fact! I’m also happy to have shot the bridge by itself without any pesky cars disrupting the view! *Click image for printing options. (via DARIUS TWIN)