1. Happy Easter! (by Darius twin)


  2. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Uncle Rico’s Time Machine

    Location: Zion, UT.

    Settings: (Composite) Foreground - F5.6, ISO 100, 80 second exposure. Background - F.2.8, ISO 3200, 14 second exposure. (via DARIUS TWIN)



    Location: Zion, UT.

    Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 203 second exposure.

    My sister suggested doing an Aries ram for my birthday light painting. This one is for all the other Aries out there. Happy birthday to all of you - Ram on. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  4. DAILY LIGHT LEAK - 4/16/14: Bones of Zion

    Location: Zion, UT.

    Settings: 13 vertical images stitched together - shot at F5.6, ISO 100, for around 81 second exposures each.

    This is a huge image file. The best view would take up your fullscreen.
    (via 500px / Bones of Zion by Darren Pearson)


  5. Blood Moon Transition


  6. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Saber-toothed Cat

    Location: Zion National Park, Utah.

    Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 184 second exposure.

    One of my favorite light paintings from the trip. The color blends and texture on this saber-toothed cat make it stand out. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  7. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Zion at Night

    Location: Zion National Park, Utah.

    Settings: F2.8, ISO 3200, 16 second exposure.

    Had the pleasure of visiting Zion over the past few days, and it was a light painter’s dream come true! I saw surreal locations almost everywhere I turned, with rock sculpted over millions of years. There were layers upon layers of interesting geological formations with a big bright moon lighting up the entire landscape. I can’t wait to share more over the next week or so, it was a truly amazing place. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  8. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Ostrich Bones

    Location: Joshua Tree, CA.

    Settings: F7.1, ISO 100, 155 second exposure.

    One of the coolest locations I’ve had the pleasure of shooting back in 2012 had these old light-up motel signs around the property. You could flick them on with a switch located at the back of the house. There must have been 6 functioning signs scattered around the lot. The owner requested the signs not be left on very long due to the amount of electricity they used. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  9. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Fire Skull

    Location: Lake Arrowhead, CA.

    Settings: F2.8, ISO 100, 61 second exposure. Light painting with a candle. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  10. Flock of Seagulls (by Darius twin)


  11. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Peace Beach

    Location: Santa Cruz, CA.

    Settings: Point and shoot with the Yashica T4 35mm camera.

    Film tones are where it’s at - warm, moody, analog. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  12. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: LA pre-storm

    Location: Griffith Observatory - Los Angeles, CA.

    Settings: F2.8, iso 100, 1/1600th of a second exposure.

    Held up an umbrella from where I was to shoot this one.. That doesn’t happen often in LA. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  13. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Hood Alleyway

    Location: Glassel Park, CA.

    Settings: F2.8, iso 100, 130 second exposure. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  14. Beast Party


  15. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Snakebites

    Location: Old LA Zoo - Griffith Park - Los Angeles, CA.

    Settings: F5.6, iso 200, 362 second exposure. (via DARIUS TWIN)