1. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Dead in the Water

    Location: Lake Tahoe, NV.

    Settings: F22, ISO 100, 86 second exposure.

    One of the most beautiful lake-beaches I have been to. I’m glad we did not get a ticket while parking here because we certainly did not pay the entrance fee. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  2. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Evil Eyes

    Location: Los Angeles, CA.

    Settings: F8, ISO 100, 181 second exposure.

    I’ve visited this location many times, often escorted by a large group of coyotes. I always walk past this double cave exhibit which probably used to house a bear and never stopped to shoot it until I thought about playing with the perspective. It’s good to think outside the box, the world can open up quite a bit. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  3. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Red Rock Sky

    Location: Red Rock Canyon, CA.

    Settings: Crop of larger 28 shot panorama, F2.8, ISO 6400, 15 second exposures.

    What a weird place. If I had to describe what this canyon looked like - I would say, imagine a giant slice of bacon dropped by god itself, left to fossilize over hundreds of millions of years. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  4. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Raccoon

    Location: Lake Tahoe, NV.

    Settings: F5.6, ISO 6400, 66 second exposure.

    A real raccoon passed in front of the camera just before I shot this image.. I asked the small furry creature to hold still so I could use him as a reference, but he was more interested in hunting crayfish. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  5. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Urban Organics

    Location: Murphy’s Ranch - Los Angeles, CA.

    Settings: F8, ISO 640, 196 second exposure.

    The beauty of light-painting photography is that you can bring it to any dark location. The art comes alive when it’s juxtaposed against a place that is a little off the beaten trail. Somewhere neglected, with a history and spirit. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  6. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Right Side Up

    Location: Mono Lake, CA.

    Settings: F9, ISO 3200, 73 second exposure.

    Today will be historically remarked as another anniversary of the tragic event that took place in New York City thirteen years ago today. It was just before I started college at UC Santa Cruz, and I went on this 2 week camping trip called ‘wilderness orientation’ right before school started with about 15 other freshmen and some grad students, some of which are now life-long friends. We would hike out about ten to fifteen miles a day in the Sierra Nevadas and it wasn’t until the end of the trip that another hiker passed our group and mentioned what had happened to the Twin Towers. It seemed so far-fetched and yet so out-of-nowhere that, why would anyone make that up? After hiking and processing the news over the next two days we were finally able to get back to phones and civilization, call loved ones in New York, and DC. The world we knew had literally changed forever while we were on that hike. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  7. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Our House

    Location: Murphy’s Ranch - Los Angeles, CA.

    Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 100 second exposure.

    I’ve been to this location before, and it’s just as creepy now as it ever was. Let’s start off with a quick low-down of how to get here in the first place: You have to park on a suburban road and walk in about 2 miles on a fire road (blocked with a gate at about a 1/2 mile in). After the 2 miles, you get to a creepy gate on the left which is the entrance to the compound. Hiking down into the valley below you will pass a large water cement reservoir on your right, and several endless stairways going down the hillside to your left. Looping into the valley, the road becomes dirt and it gets noticeably colder. After another mile down into the valley we come to this building which was an old power generator. The full moon didn’t produce much light this deep in the valley, we can barely see it’s effect on the hillside in the background. For this image I was trying different lighting options for an animation project in the works.. I went with the top left. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  8. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Land’s End

    Location: Point Mugu - Malibu, CA.

    Settings: F5, ISO 100, 59 second exposure.

    Stairway to Ocean. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  9. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Pink Tree

    Location: Mt. Wilson - Los Angeles, CA.

    Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 172 second exposure.

    During the course of this photo, shot off the 2 highway in the Angeles Crest National Forest, I counted about twenty cars hauling ass up the narrow road, drifting corners, and making noise with racer mufflers. Never a dull moment in the wilderness of Los Angeles. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  10. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Noah Purifoy - Sculpture Garden

    Location: Joshua Tree, CA.

    Settings: 7 vertical shots stitched together at F5.6, ISO 100, 1/1250th second each.

    One-of-a-kind place from a one-of-a-kind perspective. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  11. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Cotton Candy Sky

    Location: Joshua Tree, CA.

    Settings: 12 vertical shots stitched together at F5.6, ISO 100, 1/60th second each.

    Sunsets in the desert.. Wild, visible, and vibrant. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  12. Integratron - Joshua Tree


  13. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Endless

    Location: Lake Tahoe, NV.

    Settings: Four vertical shots stitched together at F2.8, ISO 6400, 15 seconds each.

    Looking up at this never gets old.. I hope I live long enough to see it explored a bit. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  14. Desert Magic


  15. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Dinosaurs on the Moon

    Location: Red Rock Canyon - Kern County, CA.

    Settings: (Composite) Light painting at F5.6, ISO 100, 206 second exposure, Milky Way at F3.5, ISO 3200, 25 second exposure.

    In a delirious state we pulled up to the campground at 2:30am, put up the tent and our eyes adjusted to the moonless night. The stars began to show brightly against the Dali-esque canyon-scape and I was compelled to get in another light fossil before nodding off. Here we have the skeleton of a Compsognathus - a small, bipedal, carnivorous theropod illuminated against Red Rock Canyon. (via DARIUS TWIN)