Location: Torrey Pines State Beach - San Diego, CA.

    Settings: F13, ISO 100, 147 second exposure.

    Blue hour light-painting on a mellow summer night in San Diego. *Click image for printing options. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  2. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Stegosaurus in Flower Field

    Location: Oviedo, Spain.

    Settings: F7.1, ISO 100, 459 second exposure.

    Sidra night in Oviedo! We celebrated the end of an amazing weekend with some drinks, live art performances and of course a night-shooters session. I lit up this stegosaurus in the flower field as Janne Parviainen created his work on another abandoned building to the right of frame. TCB and Diliz were just behind my camera in another abandoned building. Another great night for sure. *Click image for printing options. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  3. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Mylo of Danger Brand does the Banana Breakdance

    Location: Los Angeles, CA.

    Settings: 48 shots at F3.5 1 second exposures.

    Happy Friday to you! Have a great weekend.


  4. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Coast of Spain

    Location: Barro, Spain.

    Settings: F5, ISO 100, 166 second exposure.

    The light-painting process here was of trial and error. First shot was blurry - I corrected aperture to F5 from 3.5. Second shot, the colors red and blue were reversed and the end result didn’t pop - so I switched the blue lighted background with red. By the third or forth shot, things were looking like this. I love the texture these contrasting colors bring out on the rocks. *Click image for printing options. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  5. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Beastmode

    Location: Barro, Spain.

    Settings: F8, ISO 100, 370 second exposure.

    For our last night in Spain we were given the option to rest before our flight, or go out shooting all night.. It wasn’t even an option really, the choice was obvious. So we shot here, at this unique location - the natural bridge over treacherous waters. Not for the faint of heart under dark conditions! Extremely dangerous, but it had to be done.. Special thanks to fellow light-painter TwinCitiesBrightest for the red lighting assist! Second choice would have been a scene from Mortal Kombat. *Click the image below to see printing options. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  6. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Attraction to Light

    Location: Barro, Spain.

    Settings: F5, ISO 100, 793 second exposure.

    Try as I might to remember where I drew what tentacle, at the end of a 13 minute light-painting I’m not really sure what to expect; I just hope the art is in frame. We ate a lot of calamari during our trip to Spain, this one is for all the Cephalopods. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  7. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Eyes on the Prize

    Location: Barro, Spain.

    Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 309 second exposure.

    Inside a damp cave on the North Coast of Spain I found myself strategizing how I could jump over the creek, climb up a muddy mound and light-paint a mammoth skeleton without hitting my head against the low hanging stalactite above. Without light of course, because that would show up in the photo. *From now on you can click the image below to see it larger and printing options. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  8. Sunset/Moonrise


  9. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Ivan’s Lights

    Location: Barro, Spain. Settings: F4.5, ISO 100, 591 second exposure.

    During the course of my trip to Spain I met Ivan of ‘Herramientas Light Painting’ - An incredible person and business owner. I had the privilege of taking a set of his small colored LEDs out for a test-run this night and this is the image I produced. For any of those looking for a good set of very portable LED tools, it doesn’t get any better than these. Small, push-button, good color - I definitely recommend them as many lights are of poor quality and without the crucial push-button for more complex illustrations. Thank you Ivan! More pink skeletons to come! (via DARIUS TWIN)


  10. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: International Bones Location: Oviedo, Spain. Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 103 second exposure. It’s not often that I get the chance to meet up with other light-artists, let alone other light-artists that are talented at hand-illustration. This shot was a collaboration between two other fantastic free-hand artists Vincent Delesvaux of France (center) and Janne Parviainen of Finland (right). (via DARIUS TWIN)


  11. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Oviedo

    Location: Oviedo, Spain.

    Settings: F13, ISO 100, 69 second exposure.

    Spent the past week in Spain attending/speaking at a Light Painting World Alliance exhibition and congress in Oviedo. It was the most incredible event and I treasure the memories and friends I met.

    Organized by fellow light-painter Alfredo Alvarez, this was a dream-come-true to meet with photographers I’ve followed for many years from all over the world - to learn their techniques, speak in person, and light the night alongside.

    This was from the first night we spent doing many collaborations, I spelled out the city name from above which was featured in the newspaper (below) - Every night we got virtually no sleep! Every moment was too good to let sleep get in the way.


  12. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Hypnotize

    Location: Hwy 74 above Lake Elsinore, CA.

    Settings: 69 stacked images at F2.8, ISO 3200, 18 second exposures each.

    The North Star is handy star to know. A good way to find it is to look at the Milky Way, then turn 180 degrees and find the Big Dipper opposite in the sky. After you find the Big Dipper, find the star it would be pouring out from and the North Star is just to the right of it (hint: it’s not the brightest star in the sky). You can confirm that it is the North Star if you have a compass handy. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  13. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Late Night Ride

    Location: Hwy 74 above Lake Elsinore, CA.

    Settings: F4.5, ISO 100, 168 second exposure.

    Met up with Moto tech Alex Frantz for a fun shoot over the Lake this weekend with the Moto Guzzi 2014 California 1400 series. Shiny-Bone Jones approves! (via DARIUS TWIN)



    Location: Malibu, CA.

    Settings: F2, ISO 3200, 18 second exposure.

    Point your camera at the sky, bump that ISO, and see what appears under dark skies. (via DARIUS TWIN)


  15. DAILY LIGHT LEAK: Something Big

    Location: Mt. Pinos - Frazier Park, CA.

    Settings: F5.6, ISO 100, 283 second exposure.

    When you have a large fallen pine in the background, elements of scale become important. The brilliant thing about using a single LED within a long exposure is how many different lines you can build-out to create subjects large enough to fit whatever frame. This light-fossil dinosaur must have been about 20 feet in length. (via DARIUS TWIN)